Ciate Nail Polish – Rate and slate!

I recently purchased 2 nail polishes from Ciate’s website. The 2 colours I chose were Sharp Tailoring (a greige) and Cookie and Cream (a nude). They were £9 each.

I’m a big nail polish fan. There is something about pretty nails that makes me happy. Maybe that’s superficial – but hey if something makes you happy it makes you happy!
Unfortunately I have a job in which it is not all the accepted if you arrive with neon or glittery talons; hence my conservative choices.

So back to my purchases. Ordering online with Ciate has one minor glitch – their shipping takes quite a long time. I had to wait over a week for the polishes to arrive, and I was honestly quite disappointed by that. Their shipping isn’t cheap – and I’m use to the likes of Amazon, or ASOS who generally offer next day delivery. If you need immediate gratification this isn’t the online shop for you!

Eventually the polishes arrived. I love the simple and elegant packaging; the long handle is great for painting your nails. I find the brush to be of good quality and the polish itself easy to apply…no blobbing, or overly watery products here! Great!

On to the colours. Here is a picture of me sporting Sharp Tailoring. I think it’s a perfect ‘go to work’ colour and it goes with just about anything. I have 2 coats of the colour and a top coat on (OPI Rapid dry) here:

The polish was still chip free when I chose to change my nail colour 5 days later. Fantastic!

The second colour I bought – Cookies and Cream – I was however quite disappointed by. I was hoping for a nude opaque cream polish but honestly I found it to be more of a manicure second coat than a full blown nude polish. I tried several coats and it was still really transparent. I don’t have a picture because I was that dissatisfied.

So overall one rated top marks, and one slated. I’d at least give Ciate another go.
What’s your favourite Ciate colour? What’s your favourite work friendly nude polish?

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Bye for now.

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4 Responses to Ciate Nail Polish – Rate and slate!

  1. I’ve been dying to try this brand. Hearing mostly good things about it!

  2. I’ve never bought ciaté nail polish, I always go for OPI, however, I got this month’s issue of marieclaire for 2 pounds and got ciaté bonbon for free and I quite liked it! you can actually choose among 3 different shades.

  3. I’ve been looking to try out the Ciate polishes for a while now but never been sure whether to take that leap of faith on these, considering the prices so this has been really helpful! I think I’ll stick the shipping out and try them, thanks!

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