YO! Sushi – Mochi

I’ve got a confession: I’m a proud chocoholic.

On a recent trip to YO! Sushi I found out they serve chocolate mochi.  I’d never actually tried mochi before; chocolate or otherwise…but decided now was the time for this to change.

It looks exactly like this:

And tastes YUMMY. My sweet tooth might be causing a bias here…but honestly, it surpassed my expectations.

It’s really hard to describe -; powdery on the outside, with a thin slightly chewy layer and filled with yummy dark chocolate-ness.

Do you like mochi? Is Yo sushi’s version a good example of how mochi is usually?

What other chocolate desserts should I be trying?

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3 Responses to YO! Sushi – Mochi

  1. enjoywithjoy says:

    I love mochi especially the mango flavor!

  2. I love mochi, especially the ones with black sesame paste and apricot filling.
    Chocolate classics not to be missed are chocolate flourless cake and a good-quality bitter chocolate mousse. Pure and simple.

  3. I have never had Mochi but now I want to! This sounds amazing:)

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