Mad Hatters Tea Room – Chester (cupcakes!)

On a recent visit to Chester I met up with some friends and headed to Mad Hatters; an Alice in Wonderland themed tea room. Who doesn’t love cake, coffee, friends and cute décor, right?

I’d actually never been to this specific place before (although if you like this type of blog let me know in the comments, because I go to these type of places ALOT) and was pleasantly surprised. While the interior design isn’t everything it could be, and I’ve been to way better themed places the proof is in fact in the pudding (or the cake), and this was FANTASTIC. The staff we’re equally kind and friendly.

There is nothing worse – in my opinion – than a place that spends its money on fancy wallpaper and neglects its product…but many place fall into that category. Mad Hatters is however, not one of those places – and I might even edge towards suggesting they have the best cakes in Chester.

Below you can see our yummy cakes – mine is the coffee and walnut cake which was great. Not too overpowering, just sweet enough and a good amount of icing. Very impressed I must say.

My friends were equally happy with their cupcakes which went beyond your typical sponge and icing and had jam, or chocolate hidden inside. We will definitely be returning!

Mad Hatters can be found Bridge Street Row.

Meet me by the cake stand?

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2 Responses to Mad Hatters Tea Room – Chester (cupcakes!)

  1. Sinead says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to an Alice in Wonderland themed cafe! The cakes look so beautiful 🙂

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