Pastel Hair – Sorry, dont get it!

Everywhere I look – Youtube, magazine pages, facebook, the local high street – everyone seems to have gone mad for pastel coloured hair. Pastel tips/ombre hair, full head of hair, ‘highlights’. Pink seems to be a favourite ala Olson sister below.

As is usual the case, styles that were once found on those who might like to think of themselves as ‘alternative’ finds its way into mainstream fashion. What was once a statement for a few becomes next seasons ‘big thing’. Usually I’m fine with that, it’s just fashion (!); and maybe i’ll jump on the bandwagon or maybe my response with be ‘Meh each to their own, good for you for dressing in a way YOU like’….. but this trend I just HATE. And hate is a strong word!

It’s not very work friendly either – certainly not in my career arena anyway – and unless your 14 it just seems….odd (and i love Disney movies and letting out my inner child but this just seems one step too childlike).

Please don’t hate on me if you have this style, or if you love it…. that’s fine… but, I’m just expressing my surprise that it seems like 50% of the fashion trend followers have gone for this… seems like we will really try anything out in the name of fitting in, and being part of the in crowd. Hmmm…

Tell me, am I missing something?

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2 Responses to Pastel Hair – Sorry, dont get it!

  1. I had to get used to it, but now I kind of like it. It’s different and out there. Don’t know if I would dare to walk around like a lollypop though..

  2. hey_im_kate says:

    i’m with ya sista!


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