Graze Box Review – and get a free box!

I’m sure I’m the last on the bandwagon with this one – but I recently caved in to the pressure of a freebie offer and got my very first Graze Box. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised.

For those of you that don’t know a Graze Box is basically a 4 part ‘healthy’ snack selection delivered straight to your door, twice weekly, weekly or fortnightly. The boxes can include any of a huge variety of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, bread, and flapjacks dependant on your taste; you just simply indicate your preferences on your account once you have registered.

Box’s look something like this:

In my first box I got a good variety; a nuts selection, brazil nuts a chocolate buttons, rice crackers and the cinnamon flapjack. Of course, one assumes the flapjack was the least healthy and therefore my personal favourite!

Box’s’ cost £3.49 which I think is reasonable since its delivered straight to your house. For me it’s a great way to buy these types of products because MRLB is allergic to nuts and so there is absolutely no point in me buying large bags of them to keep in the house.

The packaging is also eco friendly. Perfect.

If you’re interested in getting yourself one to try you can get you can get your first box absolutely free by using this code: 3P3VMF5

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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