My hair curling recommendation.

A reader recently asked what I recommend in terms of hair curling tools. Since I have had short hair the last 18 or so months (a short bob) I don’t really curl all that often as it seems like harder work to get it to fall right when your hair is short (of course, celebs rock it, but we can’t all have a hair stylist follow us around with a tin of hairspray).

BUT on the rare occasion I do want to change it up and curl my hair I always reach for the same thing, the Babylis Curling Wand. It’s not your traditional hair curler; there is no clamp and it’s tapered from 13mm to 25mm. Don’t let its unique-ness put you off though.

The reason I love it is because it’s so easy to create different sizes/types of curls with it; anything from full on curls, to a more relaxed wave. All you have to do is wrap your hair nearer to the base, or nearer to the tip for a different size of curl…and with no clamp you’re not left with a weird-looking indent that ruins the natural look of the curls.

The only tricky bit is learning to do it without burning your fingers! It does come with a heat protect glove, and you really should wear this, but I personally find it annoying and restricting. But, if you can look past that, then I think this is the tool for you!

In the UK you can currently pick it up for about £20-25.

Found a better tool? Recommend it to me in the comments.

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