Ciate Caviar – 3D nails?

Well, hello there readers!

I am currently plowing through the final months of my uni course, and don’t get nearly enough time online *tear*….but, i just saw an update on Ciate facebook about their new Caviar bead 3D nails and had to post.

They’ve posted a few pictures on their page of 3 different colours (Rainbow, mother of pearl, and black pearls). Rainbow below!

What do you all think of this?

You buy the kit (about £18 in the UK) with the polish, the beads, and a funnel and tray (so you don’t loose beads when applying). So, it’s a do it yourself manicure, and much cheaper than you might pay if you had a nail artist do this.

I think it’s a pretty awesome idea, and it looks very cute…but i REALLY can not imagine it staying put on the nails for more than 5 minutes.


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