Formby Hall Spa Blog/Review

Fear not – I haven’t died, become ill, or given up on my blog. I’m just so busy with Uni that unfortunately posting here can’t always be my priority *tear*

Anyway, today I bring you a much delayed blog about my recent visit to Formby Hall Spa, which is in Southport, Merseyside.

Spa’s aren’t something I profess to know a lot about, in fact this was a bit of a first for me. While I’ve had the occasional treatment before I’ve never splurged on a full hotel/spa get away type package…perhaps it’s the expense, not planning for the rare day I can spend essentially doing ‘nothing’, or that I’m just far too much of a type A person to sit and chill out for a full 24 hours! But, anyway, this year MrLB and I decide to book something for our anniversary – we got a great £99 package which included a night’s accommodation, full use of the spa and fitness area, a spa treatment along with a 2 course evening meal and breakfast the next morning. Not half bad eh?

The room was nice, much of an improvement on the Premier Inn’s I’m usual condemned to when I’m away from home. The bed was HUGE in terms of width; and I’m only a small one! There were plenty of plug socks, which is always a bonus, and free wifi. Everywhere was clean, and – important for me – the shower was well sized!

Here some pictures

Beyond the hotel room we ventured into the spa where the staffs were very friendly. I had a full body exfoliation – which would be great pre-holiday and we spent the afternoon in saunas, showers, and relaxing. It was quite on the day we were there; only a few other guests and we were for the most part alone which was really nice. We did go mid-week so this might not always be the case.

In the hotels restaurant we had an evening meal. I had the Gnocchi and MrLB had fish. We both enjoyed the food, but the waiting on staff left a little to be desired… we asked for a dressing for a side salad and the member of staff never brought it so we had to ask someone else. And we waited quite some time for our drinks before an apologetic staff member realised our waiter hadn’t brought them over.

The next morning the staffs at breakfast were much better, and the buffet breakfast was great. Before we left we had a brief walk around some of the grounds…but, its February and FREEZING!

I think overall we had a good experience and it was definitely worth the £99.

Are there any spa’s in England you’d recommend?

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