Products I don’t recommend – Nivea Facial Wipes

I have problematic skin – at times it’s REALLY dry, and other times I get acne around my jaw line. As you can imagine skin-care can be somewhat of a nightmare. I dream of finding some multi-purposes products, which my skin agrees with, that aren’t too expensive….

So, a few weeks back boots had an offer on the Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Facial Wipes. Since they were such a bargain (3 for £5 if my memory serves me correctly) I grabbed them. Unfortunately they broke me out…. tiny blemishes all around my jaw line – NOT GOOD. Certainly not a product I’d recommend to anyone with skin like mine.




I am certain it was these face wipes causing the problem – and after 2 days of stopping using them my skin is starting to clear up.

Back to the shop shelves I go – any recommendations?




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2 Responses to Products I don’t recommend – Nivea Facial Wipes

  1. esther galea says:

    I don’t breakout easy only on periods but when I bought them my skin had the same reaction ! Blemishes all over my forehead ! eek !! Definitely a no-no!

    I’m on a hunt for really good ones too so if you come across some amazing ones please please please rite a review on them !! pretty please ?
    keep it up ! I love reading your blog!

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