FeelingWild Etsy Store Purchase/Review

So, I haven’t vanished or given up on my blog – life is just crazy busy…only so many hours in the day you know?

Anyway….getting on topic….

There are 3 things that I’m a big fan of; positive quotes and affirmations, one of a kind pieces, and supporting the independent seller. So naturally I love Etsy and especially a shop I recently made a purchase from FeelingWild.

You guys probably don’t know this but I have teeny wrists (and fingers) so getting bracelets (and rings) to fit me on the high street is just impossible.

However, Eva over at FeelingWild came to my rescue recently and made me a custom piece that fits PERFECTLY. At last I have a bracelet that doesn’t fall off 15 times a day!

Don’t you just love it? I’ve worn it twice since I got it and had several people comment 🙂

It came very securely packaged in an envelope and was wrapped well inside. It also came in a little jewellery pouch which is great because I like to keep my jewellery all individually boxed/wrapped so that they don’t get damaged when I’m not wearing them (LB’s tip of the day!).

Considering I emailed my request at New Year, Eva was prompt to respond and had the piece to me within a reasonable time. She was also very sweet and professional. All in all I’m a happy shopper.

If you decide to make a purchase from FeelingWild let Eva know I sent you!


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