Coping with Student Stress

I’m a student and life at the moment is a little stressful, what with essays, and reading, and affording fees…. And the problem with stress is it takes a toll on your body. Eczema flare ups, eye bags, spot breakouts, and just generally feeling run down is not good. It’s these times – when our schedule hardly allows for sleeping and eating – that we most need to take care of our health; physically and emotionally.

I thought I’d share with you my tips for staying as healthy as possible when life is conspiring against you.

1)      Get enough sleep – Yes, I know it feels like there just aren’t the hours in a day but if you don’t get some decent sleep then everything else sufferers. In fact I spent several hours today staring at a computer screen being completely unproductive because I’m just too tired! Stop – take a power night, or get some sleep and try again tomorrow!

2)      Keep your body nourished – Food is fuel for your body and your brain. You don’t put the right stuff in, then you won’t get the right stuff out.

3)      Consider your strength and plan accordingly – A night person? Do your essays then. More of an early riser? Make the most of that quiet library.

4)      Have fun – There is nothing worse than being so stressed out that you’re about to breakdown and then forcing yourself to cancel seeing friends in favour of a textbook. A happy you is much more likely to be a productive you.

5)      Step away from the desk! – Get outside, just a 15 minute walk, some fresh air and some physical activity can make a big difference to how you feel.

6)      Share the strain – Tell someone how you are feeling, vent a little bit, get a hug…let them remind you that the next break (Easter, summer, GRADUATION) is in sight.

7)      Motivate yourself – Make a list of the reasons you’re doing all this extra work: your dream job, a pay rise, a sense of pride.

8)      Reward yourself – Set goals and reward yourself for achieving them. Finished your essay – get yourself a manicure, have a day off, run yourself a bubble bath…whatever works for you.

9)      Be kind to yourself – I’m one of those people who’s never happy even if I get an A*, but you know if you were stressed out, working several days a week, and still managed a C then that’s pretty good going! Pat yourself on the back. No one can do it all.

10)   Know your limits – If you have to take a semester off of uni or drop a class in order to stay healthy then do it. Sure you might graduate a bit later but you will be graduating with your sanity in tact.

Do you have any other tips? Share them in the comment section.

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