Shopping the Sales?!

Shopping in the post-Christmas sales is Crazy – with a capital C!

Yesterday I attempted to go into the city to snap up some bargains – I seriously need a new handbag (the handle broke on my favourite) and I need to get to the Mac counter before I run out of foundation… but I didn’t get either.

In fact I barely even made in near any shops. I’m short and being entirely surrounded by people and trapped among arm pits IS NOT NICE!

Of course I could shop online but I really prefer to see things in person – at least half the stuff I’ve bought online in the past has had to be sent back because it either doesn’t fit right, or even worse looks nothing like it did on the mannequin. Am I the only one who finds this?

So, I’ve resigned to clicking through asos – and hoping some high street bargains are left behind when I can shop with a little more peace (fingers crossed) in a few days time.

For now – I’m the woman sat amongst a pile of text books writing an assignment (I’m a post-grad student). I hope you all had a lovely Christmas – and have a happy and safe New Year.

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