My favourite perfume.

Getting a blog going is a weird expereince…”where do i start?”, “what do i post first?” and such. Almost anything i could post seems like it will be totaly random….as i glance up at my computer screen my favourite perfume is sat on the desk….lets start there

I have to admit to being a bit of a fragrance junkie. I never ever wear the same scent 2 days in a row and on last count I owned around about 18 bottle’s (some miniatures).

Smells, I find, are a wonderful thing; we can attach memories and feelings to them. So for example wearing a scent that for me is uplifting is a great thing to do on a dreary winter morning (much like today) when I need to go and face the world.

It seems though that however many perfumes I buy (or scribble onto my Christmas list, since funds are tight these days) my favourite, most repurchased scent is Vera Wang Princess.

I think the reason I keep going back to this one is because it’s a beautiful sweet (but not sickly) girly smell that to me is like a smile in a bottle. I personally love fragrances that have vanilla and waterlilly tones to them…and this has both.

The bottle is also quite simple and super cute sat on my dressingtable.

Yes, this will certainly be one I will keep buying for years to come no matter how many others cycle in and out of my collection….as they often do.

So tell me, what’s your favourite fragrance? What scent reminds you of a happy memory?

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