A Naked Weekend

A naked Weekend
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Ciate Nail Polish – Rate and slate!

I recently purchased 2 nail polishes from Ciate’s website. The 2 colours I chose were Sharp Tailoring (a greige) and Cookie and Cream (a nude). They were £9 each.

I’m a big nail polish fan. There is something about pretty nails that makes me happy. Maybe that’s superficial – but hey if something makes you happy it makes you happy!
Unfortunately I have a job in which it is not all the accepted if you arrive with neon or glittery talons; hence my conservative choices.

So back to my purchases. Ordering online with Ciate has one minor glitch – their shipping takes quite a long time. I had to wait over a week for the polishes to arrive, and I was honestly quite disappointed by that. Their shipping isn’t cheap – and I’m use to the likes of Amazon, or ASOS who generally offer next day delivery. If you need immediate gratification this isn’t the online shop for you!

Eventually the polishes arrived. I love the simple and elegant packaging; the long handle is great for painting your nails. I find the brush to be of good quality and the polish itself easy to apply…no blobbing, or overly watery products here! Great!

On to the colours. Here is a picture of me sporting Sharp Tailoring. I think it’s a perfect ‘go to work’ colour and it goes with just about anything. I have 2 coats of the colour and a top coat on (OPI Rapid dry) here:

The polish was still chip free when I chose to change my nail colour 5 days later. Fantastic!

The second colour I bought – Cookies and Cream – I was however quite disappointed by. I was hoping for a nude opaque cream polish but honestly I found it to be more of a manicure second coat than a full blown nude polish. I tried several coats and it was still really transparent. I don’t have a picture because I was that dissatisfied.

So overall one rated top marks, and one slated. I’d at least give Ciate another go.
What’s your favourite Ciate colour? What’s your favourite work friendly nude polish?

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Bye for now.

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YO! Sushi – Mochi

I’ve got a confession: I’m a proud chocoholic.

On a recent trip to YO! Sushi I found out they serve chocolate mochi.  I’d never actually tried mochi before; chocolate or otherwise…but decided now was the time for this to change.

It looks exactly like this:

And tastes YUMMY. My sweet tooth might be causing a bias here…but honestly, it surpassed my expectations.

It’s really hard to describe -; powdery on the outside, with a thin slightly chewy layer and filled with yummy dark chocolate-ness.

Do you like mochi? Is Yo sushi’s version a good example of how mochi is usually?

What other chocolate desserts should I be trying?

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Vote for Luke – King of the Web

I was just hanging out over on YouTube when i found out that Luke Conard is running for King of the Web. Not only is he running but if he wins he plans to give prize money to the charity Love146. How insanely awesome is that?
Not many people (even the rich among us) would hand over that much money to charity. Props and good luck to Luke.

Check out his video:

Go vote for him 10 TIMES: Click, click!

Over and out 🙂

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Product Lust – Bobbi Brown – Treatment Lip Shine

Bobbi Brown just brought out their new Miami Collection. I’m not big on the Shimmer Cheek Glow, but they added some new (limited edition?) colours to their Treatment Lip Shines. I’m adding Orchid Pink to my lust list for the summer.

At £18 i think there a bit on the pricey side, but they are moisturising and contain an SPF. Which is so very important for us pale ladies!

Tell me whats on your lust list at the moment?

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Mad Hatters Tea Room – Chester (cupcakes!)

On a recent visit to Chester I met up with some friends and headed to Mad Hatters; an Alice in Wonderland themed tea room. Who doesn’t love cake, coffee, friends and cute décor, right?

I’d actually never been to this specific place before (although if you like this type of blog let me know in the comments, because I go to these type of places ALOT) and was pleasantly surprised. While the interior design isn’t everything it could be, and I’ve been to way better themed places the proof is in fact in the pudding (or the cake), and this was FANTASTIC. The staff we’re equally kind and friendly.

There is nothing worse – in my opinion – than a place that spends its money on fancy wallpaper and neglects its product…but many place fall into that category. Mad Hatters is however, not one of those places – and I might even edge towards suggesting they have the best cakes in Chester.

Below you can see our yummy cakes – mine is the coffee and walnut cake which was great. Not too overpowering, just sweet enough and a good amount of icing. Very impressed I must say.

My friends were equally happy with their cupcakes which went beyond your typical sponge and icing and had jam, or chocolate hidden inside. We will definitely be returning!

Mad Hatters can be found Bridge Street Row.

Meet me by the cake stand?

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Pastel Hair – Sorry, dont get it!

Everywhere I look – Youtube, magazine pages, facebook, the local high street – everyone seems to have gone mad for pastel coloured hair. Pastel tips/ombre hair, full head of hair, ‘highlights’. Pink seems to be a favourite ala Olson sister below.

As is usual the case, styles that were once found on those who might like to think of themselves as ‘alternative’ finds its way into mainstream fashion. What was once a statement for a few becomes next seasons ‘big thing’. Usually I’m fine with that, it’s just fashion (!); and maybe i’ll jump on the bandwagon or maybe my response with be ‘Meh each to their own, good for you for dressing in a way YOU like’….. but this trend I just HATE. And hate is a strong word!

It’s not very work friendly either – certainly not in my career arena anyway – and unless your 14 it just seems….odd (and i love Disney movies and letting out my inner child but this just seems one step too childlike).

Please don’t hate on me if you have this style, or if you love it…. that’s fine… but, I’m just expressing my surprise that it seems like 50% of the fashion trend followers have gone for this… seems like we will really try anything out in the name of fitting in, and being part of the in crowd. Hmmm…

Tell me, am I missing something?

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